Crossing the barrier

You can sometime observe in an industry that people hesitate to cross a psychological barrier. All players wait and see. Once the first sheep is over the dam, the rest starts to follow, first with hesitation, followed by an avalanche.

The 100/100 Mbps barrier is one of these. After Japan, Zweden and HongKong broke the barrier it has been quiet for a while. But now you can see the next wave.
In NL (Zeewolde) 200/200 Mbs was announced recently.
Now Lyse (Altibox) has announced 200/200 and 400/400 Mbps. (Norwegian).
The avalanche is shifting….  

About Herman

Herman Wagter writes on Dadamotive about facts and figures behind issues that interest him. His work as interim manager and consultant has involved him directly in the impact of hyperconnectivity and sustainability on society. As an independent agent and "mobile warrior" he has experienced the pro's and con's of how organizations and projects can be structured, and what the effects on the final result can be. In his opinion we are entering an era of profound change, driven by these fundamental forces. Following the trends, discovering the fun and debunking the half-truths is a passion he likes to share with others.
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