Stefano for President

Always good to see guys who really know what they are talking about getting into positions where they can make a difference. Stefano Quintarelli is one of them, aiming for the position of president of the Italian regulator.

As Benoit says:

Stefano is one of the most amazing tech brains I know in Italy. He has a keen understanding of the internet ecosystem, and unlike many of the early movers of the net he is also more than capable of articulating the vision on how things need to move forward. More importantly, he has a genuine curiosity and the right network of contacts abroad to not only learn of what’s happening everywhere else but deduce how it might be meaningful and relevant for Italy and Italian players.

I have no idea how these nomination processes work and occur, but for my money Stefano is simply the best candidate for that position. It’s time for someone in Italy to force evolution on the status quo, and Stefano is just the right guy to do that.

Hear, hear !


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