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One possible outcome


As someone who has studied philosophy, I understand that not everyone is interested in understanding how we got here today both physically and mentally. Why is it that some people are this way and other people are that way, but we all experience the same events in our lives and have different ways of explaining it. These are deep questions that many people do not want to answer.

I was speaking to my friend, owner of the – Spring & Opener Repair website, who was also a student of philosophy. He aspired to be a professor after college, but ended up making the website instead. He told me that he definitely made the right decision and was happy to tell me why.

A strange endeavor

He said that he never fell out of love for philosophy, but found that it is better to live in the real world. What he meant by this is that finding answers is important, that humans should never lose focus and never stop exploring their world. However, at the end of the day, you are tethered to this reality and must make the most of it.

Some people find that seeking these answers is the best way for them to contribute to society and give people the information they need to make their own decisions about life. However, there are other people that feel that garage doors still need to be made and repaired, and that many people do not seek the answers to the meaning of life.


There is a great divide in how people perceive reality. On one hand you have people that are content to live in the world they perceive and do not seek greater answers, while others do. Both are right and have their place in this complicated world.

Measuring progress


Humans are species that value progress, not only for the human race but the world itself. We understand many of the problems plaguing the world today and are doing our best to stop them not only because it is the right thing to do, but we want our children and those that inherit the earth to make sure that it goes on as long as possible.

There is something about being human that drives us to achieve, to use what we have been given or evolved to do and put it to good use. Although this has not always been the case, the world is waking up and beginning to understand that everything is more connected than we think.

Science and beyond

By exploring the extreme environments of our earth and beyond we are beginning to understand just how small we are in the universe and that in order for our existence to mean anything, we need to make the world a better place for the people that must live on it. Humans die, but the human race will live on, which makes exploring the world the most important thing we can do as a race.

Some may argue that we can never know everything and the quest for knowledge is pointless. However, it was this same quest for knowledge that got us where we are today, and even if you do not have time to think about it in your daily life, we should all take a step back and understand its importance.

Trying times


In the United States, this election year has been a strange one. Never has there been so many differing opinions and many of these opinions are held by the largest demographic of the population, the young. Approval rates for the candidates are at an all time low, but we must press on with the best interest of the country in mind.

Political elections are something that are very polarizing, but one thing is for sure, everyone involved does have the best interest of the country in mind no matter how differing their views. All we can do now is wait and see how the election will shape up and hope that the results are beneficial.

Unpredictable by nature

There are few certainties in the world, and one of the most uncertain things is how the election will shape up. The good part about this, however is that young people are pouring out in droves to vote, which is something that has not happened as much in the past. Perhaps it is because the candidates are so polarizing, perhaps it is because young people are waking up, either way it is a positive.

Regardless of how the election turns out and regardless of one’s political leanings, one thing is for sure, that this election year represents an awakening in the country, one that will shape the future of the US as a whole. Perhaps we can use this as a building block with which to come together and ensure that our country succeeds.

The social media age


Social media is a relatively new phenomenon in our world, but it is one that is here to stay. Say what you want about it, but social media has a great deal of power and gives the power to the people. Because of this, you do get a lot of hate speech, but the community is pretty good at self-policing these comments to a point where they are often deleted.

The age that we live in is one that is relatively transparent. People are always documenting what they are doing, and even governments must be a little more transparent in order to gain public favor. The internet is not a completely revealing entity, but it is much harder to hide intentions.

Where does society lie?

Society is probably better off when it comes to social media simply because it is becoming a unifying force. You can now talk to people across the world with relative ease and learn much more about cultures of other countries, which is great for society as a whole. We need to understand that we are connected, and social media makes it much easier to do.

In the future, social media should be used as a way in which to learn about other people and learn that we are all the same. The social media age is here, and we need to embrace social media as a way to unify us rather than separate us. It will be awhile before it is perfect, but for now it is something that we are bound to.

Humanity as a whole


Humanity is something that everyone claims to be on the same side of, but typically is not. It is so easy to value human lives above all else in practice, but do we hold these truths to be self evident when it extends beyond our scope of existence? There have been many times in my life during which I have claimed to be a humanitarian, but have not done much for the rest of humanity.

Now this may seem a little judgemental, but I only say this because most people are guilty of this dichotomy. It can be said that most people value human lives, but it becomes more difficult when we start to think of whether we value all human lives or only the humans with which we are close.

The truth

The truth is that tribalism still exists, and when it comes down to it, we are often only looking out for ourselves and those close to us. Not until we understand that knowing how other people think and work is the key to loving all of humanity can we grow into true humanitarians. Think of the last time you were in a spot where you had to choose someone else over yourself, you probably chose yourself, most people would.

Understanding other people and their importance in the world is something that does not come easily, or something that is often stumbled upon organically. We must strive to understand those that are not us or close to us in order to truly claim humanitarianism.