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Moving in the right direction


When it comes to humanity, there is nowhere to move but up simply because of the way in which we process information. There is essentially no reason to move backwards, because that would just mean ignoring what we have already learned. Humanity still needs work, but if we build upon what we already know, the world could be a better place.

We have learned in the past that peace is the best way for progress. That innovation and cooperation are the ways in which we continue to further humanity and establish our presence on this earth. If we work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, we just have to remember to do so. From politics to pool maintenance services, everyone must do their part in this world.

Moving forward

Let us try even harder to love one another and wipe out racial injustice in the world. To realize that in order to truly succeed, we must not hate one another but love every person and understand what they bring to  humanity, which is a unique perspective and set of life experiences. We live in a time where it is easier than ever to connect with one another, so lets make the most of it and make positive experiences.

We can only move forward logically, because moving backward would mean ignoring what we have already learned about crafting a peaceful world. Let us do the right thing and build upon what we have learned rather than taking unnecessary steps backward in producing a better and more harmonious humanity.


Whether people want to believe it or not, we are connected in a very real way, not only in that we are humans, but our progress depends on working together instead of looking out for ourselves and only ourselves.

A testament to cooperation


Humans as a race are amazing and baffling at the same time. We have gone to the moon and created monuments that will last until perhaps the planet is decimated. But on the other hand, we oftentimes have a difficult time realizing what is important and working together.

In order to see the better part of humanity, we must look a little smaller and focus on local communities. Being from the United States, I live in a country that is often conflicted. However, the local businesses, namely a local company that specializes in blacktop sealcoating. In business for more than two decades, the company has given back to the community and been a staple in it.

Humanity’s angels

What you get out of giving back to the community is something that is greater than the individual itself. It is so easy to be greedy and keep everything you earn for yourself. In reference to the pavement company, it has donated thousands of dollars to local charities and shown the world that sharing can lead to greater things.

When we share with others, we enrich our lives and show people that humanity can work together to achieve great things. Especially in terms of local communities, a bigger picture of cooperation and success begins to emerge. If the rest of the world could adopt the strategies of the local community, the world may just become a better place.


The next time you think of humanity, think of how far we have come as a race and how most of our great achievements have come from working together. Of course as humans we want to take care of ourselves and our family, but remember that any extra would be well spent improving the world around you. Only then can we begin to make the world a better place.

What motivates us


No matter how we may act in our lives, most people take it upon themselves to be good people. We want to treat everyone with respect, and we also want to protect ourselves and our families. This is universal pretty much no matter who you are or where you come from. The beauty about this is that even if people do not agree on much, they can all agree that treating people with respect and dignity is a good thing no matter their religion.

What is strange about humanity is that even though we agree on these basic principles, we often do not enact them. We participate in war, racism, and violence for the sake of our families and beliefs, but would our families and beliefs want us to do so?

Motivations as a key

In order to get an idea of how people want to and should be treated, we must understand that our beliefs, no matter where they come from should be the prime motivators. It doesn’t matter who is telling you to be a good person, whether it is Jesus or Muhammad, they both have the exact same message. Even if you don’t believe in a god, you as a person probably want to treat people well, right?

So in taking a step back and realizing what truly motivates us, we can begin to treat each other with respect and dignity. No matter who is telling you that this is the right thing to do, we all know that it truly is.

A wealth of options


We live in what is called the information age. An age during which we can access pretty much any piece of information with relative accuracy in little time at all. Believe it or not, there was a time before the Internet, a time during which if you could not find the information in a book or find someone that knew, you just didn’t know.

Think about that. Think about wondering where a band is from and asking around or consulting literature on hand. If the answer was not in there, there may have been a few guesses or posits, but unless there was a reliable source on hand, people just did not know.

What this means

This may seem like something that is trivial, but it really is not. The fact that anybody with a smartphone, and this is most people, has access to virtually any piece of information at the click of a button truly does change the world and how we think. Some argue that it is a bad thing in that we are hardly ever surprised and that there is not as much of an emphasis on the unknown.

On the other hand, some say that it is great in that it gets people thirstier for knowledge. It is much easier to want to learn something when the answer is readily available without having to go to the ends of the earth in order to find the answer. No matter what you think, we truly do live in an interesting age.

Highlighting similarities


Culture is something that I have studied for a long time, and during my studies I have found that people often focus on the negatives when it comes to differences in culture and religion. It is so easy to separate people based on their beliefs and culture, and it is much more difficult to find similarities instead. What I have tried to do during my studies is to separate people not by differences but bring them together based on similarities.

Take culture for example, different cultures have different ideals and practices, but if you think about it, they are the same as the others. There is often a strong emphasis on family and treating others with respect, which is a great lesson for everyone to follow.

Religion for example

The same holds true for religion as it does for culture. Some religions believe in one god, some believe in multiple gods. Some believe that Jesus is the son of God, some don’t. However, once you get past the small differences, we begin to see that no matter the religion, there are things that every religion agrees upon, mainly how to treat people with respect and dignity.

If we realize that differences are not what makes humanity, but rather similarities, we can begin to love our fellow person. By realizing that our differences make us unique and not enemies, we can learn to love one another. Simply changing perspective can make the world that we live in much more pleasant.

Loving one another


Everyday we deal with other people and often prioritize our differences. The world we live in is unfortunately one that is riddled with hate and indifference, and it is up to us to see past what the world tells us to do and treat one another with respect. As an American, I know all about how people are treated differently and how difficult it is to see past all of that.

As a student of the arts and humanities, I spent most of my scholastic career learning about other people. As someone that grew up in the United States, I knew plenty about the rhetoric of the country and the people in it, but not a lot about the world around me.

The main problem

Not only with my education and others is that many focus on nationalism as a way to claim to be better than the rest of humanity. That people from other places are somehow inferior to those from my place of birth. This is wholly incorrect and the world as a whole must begin to realize that the only way to progress is to love people of all cultures.

Through learning about other cultures, we can begin to become aware of what makes them tick and show us that we are all the same. The world, and more specifically humanity cannot survive if we are divided. We must work together in order to build a stronger world that is more unified and one that values all people as equals.