Loving one another


Everyday we deal with other people and often prioritize our differences. The world we live in is unfortunately one that is riddled with hate and indifference, and it is up to us to see past what the world tells us to do and treat one another with respect. As an American, I know all about how people are treated differently and how difficult it is to see past all of that.

As a student of the arts and humanities, I spent most of my scholastic career learning about other people. As someone that grew up in the United States, I knew plenty about the rhetoric of the country and the people in it, but not a lot about the world around me.

The main problem

Not only with my education and others is that many focus on nationalism as a way to claim to be better than the rest of humanity. That people from other places are somehow inferior to those from my place of birth. This is wholly incorrect and the world as a whole must begin to realize that the only way to progress is to love people of all cultures.

Through learning about other cultures, we can begin to become aware of what makes them tick and show us that we are all the same. The world, and more specifically humanity cannot survive if we are divided. We must work together in order to build a stronger world that is more unified and one that values all people as equals.

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