The social media age


Social media is a relatively new phenomenon in our world, but it is one that is here to stay. Say what you want about it, but social media has a great deal of power and gives the power to the people. Because of this, you do get a lot of hate speech, but the community is pretty good at self-policing these comments to a point where they are often deleted.

The age that we live in is one that is relatively transparent. People are always documenting what they are doing, and even governments must be a little more transparent in order to gain public favor. The internet is not a completely revealing entity, but it is much harder to hide intentions.

Where does society lie?

Society is probably better off when it comes to social media simply because it is becoming a unifying force. You can now talk to people across the world with relative ease and learn much more about cultures of other countries, which is great for society as a whole. We need to understand that we are connected, and social media makes it much easier to do.

In the future, social media should be used as a way in which to learn about other people and learn that we are all the same. The social media age is here, and we need to embrace social media as a way to unify us rather than separate us. It will be awhile before it is perfect, but for now it is something that we are bound to.

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