Highlighting similarities


Culture is something that I have studied for a long time, and during my studies I have found that people often focus on the negatives when it comes to differences in culture and religion. It is so easy to separate people based on their beliefs and culture, and it is much more difficult to find similarities instead. What I have tried to do during my studies is to separate people not by differences but bring them together based on similarities.

Take culture for example, different cultures have different ideals and practices, but if you think about it, they are the same as the others. There is often a strong emphasis on family and treating others with respect, which is a great lesson for everyone to follow.

Religion for example

The same holds true for religion as it does for culture. Some religions believe in one god, some believe in multiple gods. Some believe that Jesus is the son of God, some don’t. However, once you get past the small differences, we begin to see that no matter the religion, there are things that every religion agrees upon, mainly how to treat people with respect and dignity.

If we realize that differences are not what makes humanity, but rather similarities, we can begin to love our fellow person. By realizing that our differences make us unique and not enemies, we can learn to love one another. Simply changing perspective can make the world that we live in much more pleasant.

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