A testament to cooperation


Humans as a race are amazing and baffling at the same time. We have gone to the moon and created monuments that will last until perhaps the planet is decimated. But on the other hand, we oftentimes have a difficult time realizing what is important and working together.

In order to see the better part of humanity, we must look a little smaller and focus on local communities. Being from the United States, I live in a country that is often conflicted. However, the local businesses, namely a local company that specializes in blacktop sealcoating. In business for more than two decades, the company has given back to the community and been a staple in it.

Humanity’s angels

What you get out of giving back to the community is something that is greater than the individual itself. It is so easy to be greedy and keep everything you earn for yourself. In reference to the pavement company, it has donated thousands of dollars to local charities and shown the world that sharing can lead to greater things.

When we share with others, we enrich our lives and show people that humanity can work together to achieve great things. Especially in terms of local communities, a bigger picture of cooperation and success begins to emerge. If the rest of the world could adopt the strategies of the local community, the world may just become a better place.


The next time you think of humanity, think of how far we have come as a race and how most of our great achievements have come from working together. Of course as humans we want to take care of ourselves and our family, but remember that any extra would be well spent improving the world around you. Only then can we begin to make the world a better place.

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