Moving in the right direction


When it comes to humanity, there is nowhere to move but up simply because of the way in which we process information. There is essentially no reason to move backwards, because that would just mean ignoring what we have already learned. Humanity still needs work, but if we build upon what we already know, the world could be a better place.

We have learned in the past that peace is the best way for progress. That innovation and cooperation are the ways in which we continue to further humanity and establish our presence on this earth. If we work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, we just have to remember to do so. From politics to pool maintenance services, everyone must do their part in this world.

Moving forward

Let us try even harder to love one another and wipe out racial injustice in the world. To realize that in order to truly succeed, we must not hate one another but love every person and understand what they bring to  humanity, which is a unique perspective and set of life experiences. We live in a time where it is easier than ever to connect with one another, so lets make the most of it and make positive experiences.

We can only move forward logically, because moving backward would mean ignoring what we have already learned about crafting a peaceful world. Let us do the right thing and build upon what we have learned rather than taking unnecessary steps backward in producing a better and more harmonious humanity.


Whether people want to believe it or not, we are connected in a very real way, not only in that we are humans, but our progress depends on working together instead of looking out for ourselves and only ourselves.

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