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As someone who has studied philosophy, I understand that not everyone is interested in understanding how we got here today both physically and mentally. Why is it that some people are this way and other people are that way, but we all experience the same events in our lives and have different ways of explaining it. These are deep questions that many people do not want to answer.

I was speaking to my friend, owner of the – Spring & Opener Repair website, who was also a student of philosophy. He aspired to be a professor after college, but ended up making the website instead. He told me that he definitely made the right decision and was happy to tell me why.

A strange endeavor

He said that he never fell out of love for philosophy, but found that it is better to live in the real world. What he meant by this is that finding answers is important, that humans should never lose focus and never stop exploring their world. However, at the end of the day, you are tethered to this reality and must make the most of it.

Some people find that seeking these answers is the best way for them to contribute to society and give people the information they need to make their own decisions about life. However, there are other people that feel that garage doors still need to be made and repaired, and that many people do not seek the answers to the meaning of life.


There is a great divide in how people perceive reality. On one hand you have people that are content to live in the world they perceive and do not seek greater answers, while others do. Both are right and have their place in this complicated world.

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