About Jack


I have always been someone that has been curious about other people and what makes them tick. As someone that studied anthropology for most of my college career, I soon learned that people are much more complex than they appear, and in order to understand one another, we must understand where we come from.

So much of the people of the world are rooted in their beliefs, which in itself is fine, but it poses a problem when it does not allow them to connect with their fellow human being. There is so much in this world that alienates us, but also so much that we have in common.

By better understanding our similarities rather than our differences, we can begin to become better people toward our neighbors and friends alike. Once we understand someone else, we can begin to understand what makes us all part of the same race and demands that we get along.

Join me while I attempt to highlight why we are the same rather than why we are different, to understand one another and therefore begin to understand ourselves.

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