Humanity as a whole


Humanity is something that everyone claims to be on the same side of, but typically is not. It is so easy to value human lives above all else in practice, but do we hold these truths to be self evident when it extends beyond our scope of existence? There have been many times in my life during which I have claimed to be a humanitarian, but have not done much for the rest of humanity.

Now this may seem a little judgemental, but I only say this because most people are guilty of this dichotomy. It can be said that most people value human lives, but it becomes more difficult when we start to think of whether we value all human lives or only the humans with which we are close.

The truth

The truth is that tribalism still exists, and when it comes down to it, we are often only looking out for ourselves and those close to us. Not until we understand that knowing how other people think and work is the key to loving all of humanity can we grow into true humanitarians. Think of the last time you were in a spot where you had to choose someone else over yourself, you probably chose yourself, most people would.

Understanding other people and their importance in the world is something that does not come easily, or something that is often stumbled upon organically. We must strive to understand those that are not us or close to us in order to truly claim humanitarianism.