We live in interesting times.

The days of cheap and overabundant oil are gone. We cannot afford to waste resources and burden our environment so easily anymore. We have built a society based on this assumption so fundamental changes will be a certainty.

Within 2 decades mobile phones and Internet have become utilities without life is unimaginable. We are only at the beginning of experiencing the effects of this hyperconnectivity. The amplification of our networking abilities is something for which there is no precedent in history.

The complexity of society has increased beyond the old machine-like concepts of how should we organize ourselves. Bloated and rigid control structures which dehumanize both the employee and the client increasingly fail to deliver and increase frustration. In their place come new concepts that value humans and allow for judgment and professional ethics.

This blog is the place where we connect and share anything about this turning point. Showing the efforts of those who are on the edge of change, but also debunking the spin and half-truths that will be distributed by those who believe they have everything to lose by change. And last but not least, enjoying this journey.

If you are as interested as we are: contribute by sending us (info@dadamotive.com) thoughts, links, anything that is about the edge of change. Our aim is to create a platform where you can find and share food for thought.

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