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Herman Wagter writes on Dadamotive about facts and figures behind issues that interest him. His work as interim manager and consultant has involved him directly in the impact of hyperconnectivity and sustainability on society. As an independent agent and "mobile warrior" he has experienced the pro's and con's of how organizations and projects can be structured, and what the effects on the final result can be. In his opinion we are entering an era of profound change, driven by these fundamental forces. Following the trends, discovering the fun and debunking the half-truths is a passion he likes to share with others.

The envelope pushes back

We all are aware of the (theoretical) graphs of the lifecycle of a technology, the S curves. From new to mature to end-of-life.  Very neat these graphs, but the map is not the territory: in reality it is not easy … Continue reading

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Analyse voor Ziggo webcare

Dag beste webcare, een technisch lastig probleem met de internettoegang bij mijn bejaarde schoonouders, wat een behoorlijke analyse gevraagd heeft om uit te zoeken wat in ieder geval NIET de oorzaak is laat zich niet in een simpele tweet comprimeren. … Continue reading

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Mijn schoonouders zijn ruim boven de tachtig jaar. Met een (Windows) computer zelf bankieren en de belastingaangifte doen is al heel wat voor ze. De eerste Ipad is een jaar geleden binnengekomen, en was na enig proberen een succes. Van … Continue reading

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The costs of (over-)provisioning capacity in shared links

Even within the limits of the 140 characters of Twitter people succeed in having intelligent conversations and discussions. Like Dean Bubley (@disruptivedean) and Martin Geddes (@martingeddes) recently. Part of the discussion focused on the costs of provisioning more capacity in … Continue reading

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“Future of Broadband” workshop

Last monday Martin Geddes and PNSOL organized a workshop (Future of Broadband Flyer) on their vision of the future direction of “multiplexed packet switched networks” (aka broadband and/or Internet).  Contention and discussion garantueed, as Martin and Neil c.s. state that we … Continue reading

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Een recente publicatie van de Nederlandse Bank over de ontwikkeling van de bezittingen van huishoudens in Nederland geeft een beeld hoe hard er gespaard wordt, vooral zichtbaar bij de pensioenfondsen. Maar ook het vermogen dat in deposito’s en effecten zit … Continue reading

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One of the joys of life is to learn new ideas that open up new lines of thinking, such as Terrence Deacons work. Terrence Deacon introduces in his Magnum Opus “Incomplete Nature”  a new conceptual  framework : how constraints on … Continue reading

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Killer app: work

One of the often cited motivations for Next Generation Networks is flexible work locations (like home) in combination with videoconferencing.  No need to commute to the office or travel to meetings. Work as the killer app that drives NGN deployments. … Continue reading

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“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient Chinese curse : most events that you can read about in history books have meant hard times for the individuals involved. We live in interesting times now, paying the price for … Continue reading

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No techies please

(Guest post by @Tinegoedhart) During your graduation year at a Dutch Havo or VWO your endeavor is monitored by your tutors and a governmental board. Tests during the year at any given school can’t differ too much from the country … Continue reading

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